Cat fancier Club “CAT’s Meow” was founded on 29th of March, 2007. The same year on 12th of April it joined an international association of cat clubs WCF (The World Cat Federation). Later on 8th of August on general assembly WCF, cat Club “CAT’s Meow” was pronounced and accepted as a full member.
   As a professional cat fancier Club in Latvia we welcome all cat lovers. We provide guidance, knowledge and expertise on:
• safeguard and wellbeing of cats
• cat ownership
• healthcare
• responsible breeding
• cat shows
• educational felinology topics in form of seminars
   Club “CAT’s Meow” aim is to revitalise felinology in our country. We host presentations of new cat breeds and also actively taking part in joint projects for safeguarding and protecting of stray and homeless cats.
   In almost 10 years since establishment, club achieved substantial results. Every year we have a growing number of new club members, who are opening new catteries. With our guidance many registered catteries in our club are successfully grow and develop their breeding programs by responsible breeding and introduction of new bloodlines from abroad. As a result, catteries achieve higher standards and even new rare colours and patterns.
   Club hosts annual National and International cat shows of high standard, with participants from around the world. Partly because of our approach to cat show organisation, as well as careful and individual treatment of every member of our club, we gain acceptance and grew in popularity among both cat lovers and professional breeders.
   In our Club, members are provided with moral support, as well as free of charge consultations on many felinology subjects, in addition all members receive substantial discounts on cat shows organised by “CAT’s Meow” Club. For your convenience and to save time, many questions can be directed and answered via e-mail. Detailed information about Club you can find on website.
   To join our Club, you can be an experienced breeder, or just interested individual with your pet with or without pedigree. A pet animal can also participate at International Cat Shows! Furthermore, we accept members not only residing in Latvia, but citizens from any country. Our friendly doors are open for everyone!

We are waiting for you in our Club every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 in Riga, in "NVO nams" at Ieriku street 43a.

Cat lovers – join our growing member community of “CAT’s Meow” Club!