We would like to attract Your attention: our Club Show registration and veterinarian check procedure has been changed for Your convenience from October 2009!!!


Only fully filled online form (automatically reaches the Show Secretariat)
Registration term for catalogue ends up 14 days before the Show (if otherwise is not mentioned in concrete Show rules)

Only fully paid entries are counted as submitted.
Entry fee is 5 EUR higher (per each entry) after catalogue closing date.
Entry fee is non-refundable after catalogue closing date.

If our online entry form is not convenient for You, You can send any other entry form with all the data needed to:  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Obligatory wait for Your Entry Form receipt confirmation from our Club.

Attention! You will receive Your personal veterinarian check time period after Your entry form submitting! We would like to ask everyone to strictly observe it and not to be late!

Prepayment is obligatory for all participants. Payments may be done through bank (
bank's details), or by cash in Club (EUR).

Please, mark in Show entry-form "own cage" if You have one. If not our Club will grant You a cage at no extra charge. All cages should be equipped with curtains (3 sides) and matting.
Club cage dimensions 710
х600х500 (LxHxW).

Veterinary terms 

All cats and kittens must have valid vaccinations against Rabbies (not less than 21 day and not more than 1 year from vaccination date on the first Show date) and Upper Raspiratory Diseases. Cats with parasites, fungus or obviously sick cats are not permitted to enter the Show Hall.

Please clip the claws of Your cats!

All one owner cats will not be allowed to enter the Show Hall even if there will be only one sick cat detected. Show fee will not be paid back.

Additional terms

Cat owner may present his own cats for examination and for BIS (Best in Show).

Cat may be exhibited in their own cages or shelters (please, mark it in Show Entry form).

Cats must be in their cages/ shelters till Show closing.

Diplomas and Judges reports are issued only after BIS (Best in Show). Participants registered for both show days may receive first day diplomas and Judges reports on the second Show day after registration and veterinary check.

Registration is obligatory for all cats! Only registered cats has the right to be in Show Hall!

WCF Rules observance is obligatory for all Show participants!